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How I built a todo app with reactjs and feathersjs


Today is 27-09-2017

Hello guys, My name is Hop, I am a full stack developer at Fsoft company. However, I am still lack of full stack javascript knowledge. In the pass, I worked as a front-end position at Qsoft company which taught me a lot of experiences. I have experienced work with ReactJs, React Native. When I had free time, I tried to learn Angular 2, Ionic 2 to build a hybird app. I do not know why but I have a lot of feelings with hybird app.
Today, I am going to build a todo app that to practice all technologies I have to learn for new project I will join if I pass an interview of a customer.

I am on my way to become a real full stack developer. I hope that I will be full stack man in early day in the future.


I separte to 2 sides to develop and learn that include front-end and back-end.

– Front-end:

  • The lastest ReactJs version at the moment is 16. I combine ReactJs with redux, redux-saga to complete app. Redux-saga is new with me, I do not have experience with this one, before I usually use redux-thunk. Ofcoure, In the project, I’ll write unit test and follow test driven development.
  • In order to make this app more beautiful and stable, I’ll use react router v4, boostrap v4, material-ui, font awesome.

– Back-end:

  • In fact, I am newbie. I told myself a lot of times that learn to build an API that use nodejs. At the moment, I have to build my own one. I tried learn expressJs, mongooseJs, body-parse… And I am using feathers Framework that is very power.

– CI/CD:

  • 1

– Deployment:

  • 2


I’ll try my best to complete my application and now I feel better a lot than before I write this.
Link gitlab:
Link app:
Link api:



How I built a todo app with reactjs and feathersjs
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