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IELTS writiing part 2

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01, Describe a person you admire

I’ve loved football since I was a child. I still remember exactly that who brought me to the sport. That’s David Robert Joseph Beckham, most of my friends and I usually call him David Beckham or Beckham. At that time, I wished that when I grow up I will play football and to be famous like him.There are three reasons why I admire him so much. Firstly, Beckham was one of the best free-kick players in the flow of football history. He created a lot of excellent goals with that skill. Secondly, he was a player who got the highest salary in 2004 and he was famous all over the world. That’s a model for me to follow. Finally, Sir Alex Ferguson, his coach, said that: he plays football with high discipline. That’s one of the key to meet the success. Althought,  I do not follow football carreer but I always watch football matches with my best friends at every weekend. My friend usually say that Cristiano Ronaldo plays football better than Beckham now. I think that it’s right because Beckham is really old man now. I wish that football will have more David Beckham to play beautiful competition.


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