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Writting #2: Smart consumer: how to be a smart consimer

The post only is a challenge of writing, the ideas just from my personal view. Let’s give me some advice! 


After I got my very first job, I realized that “Obtaining money is hard but using it is harder “. As a consumer, we have to decide to buy a product or pay for a service every day. However, It is not easy to be a smart consumer because our budget is limited so we need to consume effectively to avoid an empty wallet. Therefore, everything we buy should be reasonable and in good quality. How to be a smart shopper, these bellow ideas will help you so much:

Make a plan for shopping, it is very important to make a plan and write down everything that you need. By this way, you can balance your budget. It also helps you have more time to consider that whether should or should not buy something. For example, if you are a freshman and you still receive about 3 million VND each month from your parents, with the fixed money, you have to spend money on a renting house, foods and drinks, phone, moving, clothes and more. Everything should be fit within your package. If you extremely want to have the newest Iphone, the cost should be beyond your budget. In the case, you need a plan for saving money, after several months, you can have enough money for the new phone. Moreover, you might check and update your plan frequently because sometimes we still have to pay for some unlooked-for stuff.

Do not buy anything depend on your feeling. A lot of people choose shopping is one way to forget their awful reality. But sadly, might they will deal with another sadness is broke. It is a real problem for us to control our emotions. When we want something, we usually want to have it as soon as possible. Besides that, sellers always create a ton of crafts to attract people, just a small desertion, we might have a regretting decision. When we pay for something that not in our plan many times, it also leads us to broke.

Buy products with good price and learn to bargain, We can find cheaper products in local market than the same kind of these products in super market. There are a lot of sale-off times in super market that you can save a big mount. Sometimes, we pay for some services that we do not know the price, it is a bad idea if we accept absolutely with the default price. Let’s apply strategy “win-win” in these cases, we should ask the providers to get more information, compare with same kind of the product. After that, we try to bargain, just a small money but it will save for you  a lot in long term.


Last but not least, being a good consumer not only buying products but also choosing things that are good for us. One way of doing so is to eat healthily, we should select fresh foods and avoid junk foods as well. Alternatively, before choosing anything, we should check for the expiration date, warranty policy.

In conclusion, to have a better life, we should be smart consumers who have enough knowledge and experiences to use our budget effectively.




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